The Element

Finding your passion changes everything.  With a sense of direction in our lives, a drive that comes from within, we begin to accomplish things nobody thought us capable of.

What do your students want for themselves? Who do they aspire to be? How does their education prepare them and empower them to achieve their ambitions?

Are your interventions focused on exam revision?  What might the benefits be of taking a longer view now as an organisation?  

The Element provides a framework for helping learners find motivation from within and to realise the value of the opportunities their schooling offers them, freeing teachers to truly deliver an inspirational curriculum.
Workshop impacts:
  • Improving attitudes to and behaviour for learning;
  • Improving attainment;
  • Improving GCSE and post-16 choices (better uptake and retention);
  • Improving confidence and self-belief;
  • Improving literacy (writing to persuade, writing to argue, speaking and listening);
Who is it for?
The Element is suitable for any group.  It is a fantastic experience for all, aged 10 or 110. Through careful tailoring of the content, it works on different levels to achieve different ends.
  • Year 5 to Year 8 - To begin a journey of self-discovery about passions and talents, to set long-term goals and to realise the value of the school curriculum in working towards them.
  • Year 9  to Year 13 - To give direction and meaning to subject choices and to provide initial education and career guidance.
  • High achievers - To develop self-belief and raise aspirations, and to encourage and support aiming high in university and other applications.
  • Low achievers - To explore the sources of poor attainment, to tackle barriers to learning and 
Ofsted Value:
The Element is the ideal way to engage learners in their own personal development, behaviour and welfare. In the workshop:
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of learning are embedded and made explicit;
  • Participation is premised on the British Values of tolerance, respect and fair play. 
  • Our work is mapped to the framework for Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills;
  • We explore their behaviours and attitudes and the thoughts and habits that shape them;
  • We explore how to manage challenges on the road to success.