Personal Development, SMSC, and modern British values

Elemental offers tailored CPD activities to train staff on the meanings of the key elements of the 'Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare' judgment in Ofsted's new framework, 
and to explore with them how to embed employability, personal, learning and thinking skills, attitudes to learning, SMSC, and British Values into their planning.

Technology for Learning

Elemental can help your staff make the most of new technologies to push the curriculum out far beyond the classroom walls, to increase engagement of students and parents, and 
to use regular retrieval practice-style, low-stakes assessment to boost attainment at all levels.

Parental Engagement

How do your teachers make use of the potential of parents to increase students' progress?  How do your departments communicate the curriculum to parents? How do you support 
parents to support their children?  Informed by years of in-school experience, the latest research, and externally-set standards of outstanding practice, Elemental can help your school 
to unlock a vast, untapped wealth of support for your teachers and students, and to develop bespoke interventions to close the gap for disadvantaged students.

The new framework. Are you ready?

Personal Development, behaviour and welfare - Ofsted Inspection Framework 2015
SMSC and overall effectiveness - Ofsted Inspection Guidebook for September 2015

Active citizenship and Teaching and Learning - Ofsted Inspection Framework 2015

British Values and Leadership and Management - Ofsted Inspection Framework 2015

An Elemental Approach

Elemental's CPD does not:
  • prescribe or sell a package, 
  • market resources or one-size-fits-all solutions, 
  • deliver 'inspirational speeches' devoid of substance, or 
  • assume all your teachers and students are the same.

Elemental's CPD does:
  • facilitate shared exploration, and let your staff lead,
  • look to reduce teacher workload rather than add to it,
  • look for existing evidence and how to highlight it, and
  • put its entire focus on what is right for you and your students.

Contact Elemental today to find out if we can help you to...

Develop staff capacity to embed personal development and skills in their working practice.
Identify and foreground your existing strengths.
Develop students' self-assurance and make assessment without levels more effective.
Identify opportunities to promote British Values and embed SMSC in every lesson.

JL Dutaut,
2 Jul 2015, 14:07