Elemental's consultancy work is focused on three areas of expertise - getting the best from your whole community to support aspiration and achievement in your curriculum.

We offer a bespoke service tailored to your school's needs and work in a confidential, professional and non-judgmental manner with your team to:
  • develop a specific brief for investigation;
  • identify your strengths and devise strategies to build on them;
  • identify your development needs and make targeted recommendations;
  • focus entirely on improving learner engagement and outcomes;
  • propose a variety of solutions guided by sustainability;
  • develop SIP-ready plans for the effective delivery of your chosen solutions.

Attitudes, behaviours and skills for learning

Your school already has a variety of strategies deployed to frame your staff and students' work around behaviour and attitude.  Problems occur when these are applied inconsistently or communicated ineffectively. How can every teacher and learner buy into your school's behaviour ethos?
"No student can be [...] successful if he lacks positive attitudes and perceptions about self, peers, the instructor, and the value of the tasks 
that make up the lesson."
John Brown  - Promoting Positive Attitudes About Learning

Elemental's approach is to devise a whole-school model founded on a common, accessible and positive language to reinforce expectations and aspirations, one which students, teachers, leaders and parents have ownership of, and which the school rewards and reports upon.

This can be a simple reframing of your work or new work to underpin existing practices and help your institution meet its improvement plan objectives.

Many frameworks exist for attitudes, behaviours and skills. Elemental will support you to identify which are most appropriate for your setting, and work with your school community to develop an individual solution. 

Parental engagement and community cohesion

How is your school engaging parents?  Are you giving them the tools to support learning in the home?  Are you sharing information that ensures their response? How are you perceived by your community, and how is the business word invested in your students' results?
A host of tools promise to assist you in engaging your audience and creating community links, but as a School Leader, it can be hard to identify which, if any, are suitable for you, and who has the skills in your organisation to realise their potential.
"Parental involvement [...] has a significant positive effect 
on children’s achievement and [...] the scale of the impact is evident 
across all social classes and all ethnic groups."
Janet Goodall et al. - DfE review of best practice in parental engagement

Elemental explores your working practices and surveys stakeholders to assess your school's status in and communications with your community.  In order to put you on a sustainable path to recognition in that field, Elemental maps your perfomance to and plans your journey towards SSAT's Parental Engagement Quality Standards.
Our company ethos is to support you through the deployment of new or revised practices, including providing any necessary CPD activities where possible, and to return to measure impacts and identify any needs that have arisen.
isolated crossword education with clipping path

Learning and communications technologies

From VLEs to social media via compliant websites, schools are exploring a plethora of ways to give learners, parents, governors and agencies greater access to the curriculum. But is it working, is your organisation prioritising it, and is it having all the impact that it can on engagement and porgress?
Rolling out new technologies or simply re-designing your website can be costly.  If the impacts are difficult to gauge, then how can you know your investment was worthwhile?  Elemental asks 3 questions:
  1. What is the purpose of the technology?
  2. Who is its intended audience?
  3. How are you measuring its impact?
 "Change is necessary to engage students 
not in the curriculum we are responsible for teaching, 
but in school. Period."
April Chamberlain - Technology Integration Specialist
Deploying the wrong tools for the job, lacking a consistent message and tone that involve the audience, and insitutional resistance to change are the biggest challenges to transformative uptake levels.

Let Elemental support you to push your curriculum out of the classroom's confines and give your school's progress an upward thrust.