What is Elemental?
Elemental Director JL Dutaut has worked in a host of leadership positions in various settings, including school governorship, raising participation in Higher Education, developing 
whole-school models for personal development, increasing parental engagement to drive up results, and deploying new technologies to increase community cohesion and access 
to school curricula.

Based on extensive experience working with children of every level of ability in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, Elemental's workshops are founded on a 
learner-centered approach and a focus on young people's personal drives and motivations to generate outstanding educational outcomes, and the conditions for a lifelong 
engagement with learning.

Why Elemental?

With new Progress 8 and Attainment 8 measures affecting league tables and school performance judgments, the DfE's recently announced focus on newly-defined 'coasting schools', 
a revised and increasingly academic national curriculum, Ofsted's focus on specific groups, and accountability for the effective use of Pupil Premium, it has become absolutely 
necessary to ensure every intervention is  high-impact, developing sustainable practices to foster positive attitudes and the skills for lifelong learning.

Ofsted's new Common Inspection Framework puts personal development, behaviour and welfare at the centre of inspectors' judgement of schools, and it is Elemental's 
modus operandi that unlocking outstanding practice in this field leads to outstanding outcomes in all the others.

Elemental Learning and Skills supports your school to make the most of available resources to develop healthy learning mindsets, parental engagement and the use of new technologies 
to inform, involve and empower all your school's stakeholders so you can reach outstanding outcomes. 

Whole-child education. Whole-school progress.

Elemental works with your team
  • to review your school's practices in parental engagement, and make recommendations for easy, affordable and sustainable improvements;
  • to audit your school's use of learning and communications technologies and support the development of outstanding practice in community and student engagement;
  • to develop centre-specific solutions for increasing learners' personal development in measurable ways to show progress over time;
  • to develop capacity in these fields among leadership team, teachers and school staff as a whole through tailored CPD activities.
  • to deliver team-building activities for groups of staff designed to identify and develop a shared ethos to underpin collaborative and individual practice.
See our Leadership page for more details on how Elemental can move your school. 

Elemental works with your students

With The Element, our unique workshops and CPD sessions are focused on personal dreams and ambitions and designed to shape a positive framework for attitudes to, and behaviours for learning, delivering lasting results for students, teachers and school leaders. 

Elemental also helps schools deliver on their SMSC and Citizenship Education obligations with a Global Awareness programme that uses exploratory themes to develop transferable critical thinking and debating skills through a Philosophy With Children-inspired approach.

Our Skills 4 Learning packages focus on personal, learning and thinking skills through problem-solving activities. From brain teasers to puzzles via teamwork challenges, Skills 4 Learning workshops offer learners a fun way to develop transferable skills, and help staff develop a toolkit applicable to every classroom and subject.

If you're looking for outstanding tuition, look no further.  For students, Elemental offers one-to-one interventions in your school that focus on developing confidence and abilities in specific subjects or across the curriculum through a range of tailored activities.  

To discuss how Elemental can help your your students, your staff and your school 
get motivated for learning, contact us now.